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The year of 2020 began with everyone excited for the new year ahead, ready to make it a year just a memorable as the last.   Then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and changed things in ways we are still figuring out.

Unfortunately one of the casualties of the pandemic was the postponement of the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo to 2021.  The entire LIRetro team was feeling down, disappointed, and maybe even a little heart broken.  The Expo is our favorite time of the year, and bringing people together is what we most look forward too.

We then figured out that a show was possible.  If we were inventive enough.  If we were innovative enough.  If we were able to picture a “show” outside of the conventional thought of a what a show is.  Thus, “UPLINK” was born.

UPLINK is a full digital weekend extravaganza that will encompass retro gaming culture brought forth into a unique vantage point for the gaming community.  Across 17 hours of exclusive, never-to-be-seen-again programming, UPLINK will host a variety of live streamed content featuring interactive panels with some of the biggest names in retro gaming, live modding and builds, exhibitors, narrated special exhibits, live watch parties with special guest commentators, incredible giveaways, live tournaments, live gameplays a cosplay contest, and much, much more.  

 UPLINK will represent a moment where retro gaming fans across the nation will come together to push the medium forward and support the organizations, the hobby, and the history that have bonded us our whole lives.  

 Prepare for a new chapter that goes beyond the conventional “gaming con.”

This is only the start.  Because The Game is Never Over

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  • Dates: Saturday August 8th to Sunday August 9th 2020
  • Digital Venue

From our physical show, the LI Retro Gaming Expo -

But don’t take our word for it…

The Expo was unique and fun to explore. There was something cool to see at every turn. Doing a panel in a planetarium was also one of the coolest things I’ve done at a convention. I’ll be there next year!


Floor by floor (there were multiple floors!) LI Retro was a fantastic bang for our gaming buck. Between the stack of great vendors selling great stuff at great prices, some killer musicians, and several interesting panels, it’s impressive to see just how much this con has grown in a few short years. I can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

-Kris Randazzo

We had a blast at the LI Retro Gaming Expo. As a video game podcast, we’re there to meet our fans and also get new fans interested in listening to our unique and funny podcast. LI Retro gave us our first opportunity to do a live show which was an amazing experience. It goes a long way to make people feel welcomed at these things. Can’t wait for next year!

-Brian McGuinness
Playable Characters Podcast

I, like many other returning attendees and vendors, look forward to the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo all year long. The event organizers make each year more spectacular than the last and it’s continued growth is a testament to the shows’ success. Bar-none, you will not find a better video-game convention in this region.

-Kyle Kubik

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