UPLINK is divided across 3 online platforms 

-The UPLINK Hub where you can access information, help, video games, and more

-The Accelevents Events Portal where you can find all of the links to our live streaming channels for viewing   Guest Speakers & Panels, musical performances, live casted gameplay footage, and the Vendor Marketplace.

Our Discord server where all communication regarding the show is.  This is where you will interact for Tournaments, High Score Challenge, Escape Room, Board Games, RPGs, Minecraft Build Challenge and The Make Your Own Arcade Game workshop.


UPLINK is a full digital weekend extravaganza produced by the award-winning team behind the LI Retro Gaming Expo, that  explores the cultural and societal impacts of gaming from a global perspective.  From retrogaming to the medium’s new frontiers, viewers will get to experience and learn the depth and richness gaming has played not only in everyday life but the zeitgeist of pop culture. 

Across 36 hours UPLINK will host a variety of live streamed content featuring interactive panels with the best thought-leaders and rising names in gaming, live tournaments, interactive digital activations, vendor exclusives  and much more.  

Prepare for a new chapter that goes beyond the conventional “gaming con.”

UPLINK is available via the web in any country at https://www.uplinkconvention.com

Attendance at UPLINK is $10 USD which allows us to support the technology and streaming capabilities on this large of a scale in the most fluid experience for attendees.

On the day of the events, if you have already registered and purchased a ticket, go to https://www.uplinkconvention.com and click “Enter UPLINK”. You will be prompted to enter the email you registered your ticket with and your password. 

Nope.  All ages welcome but do know that UPLINK and its organizers are not responsible for comments or content shown by guests panelists or other attendees.  We promote a family-friendly environment, but please be advised that all content is happening LIVE and there are no content filters.

Tickets to UPLINK are unlimited. However there will be caps placed on certain events within UPLINK such as tournaments or contests.

There are no caps on panels but we do recommend being on time to each panel you’d like to view in addition to registering ahead of time for tournaments. While the platform is stress tested for maximum attendance, your video streaming may be affected by the performance of your home network, and limitations from your provider.  There are caps for tournaments and tabletop games so pre-registering is the way to ensure you can play in what you want.

First, check your email Spam or Junk folder. Often emails from unfamiliar senders are diverted there. If you cannot find it there, email info@liretro.com and we will locate your order.

We’re sorry you can’t attend but tickets are non-refundable. 

No. Credentials are non-transferable.

You can enjoy UPLINK on all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, as well as Android and iOS.  So yes you can even watch direct from your phone!

Yes. You can attend UPLINK via any device that supports a web browser.  However do realize, some of the platform’s capabilities may not be optimal on a mobile device.

First, make sure your internet connection is working properly. Then, please double-check your credentials and try again. Make sure that you are using the same email address that you used to register.  If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” when you try to login. 

You will get an email invite within 12 hours of purchasing your ticket with an invite to the portal.  If 12 hours have gone by and you have not received an email please email info@liretro.com with your ticket number.


Parsec is a piece of software that lets you play games remotely.  It is beautiful and amazing in how well it works.  Please click here for a detailed setup guide, as as much as it works well, to ensure a smooth experience for all attendees we ask that you have things set up correctly in advance. Parsec can be downloaded here.


How to Set Up PARSEC for playing games at UPLINK Video)


How to Play Games from your computer ar UPLINK (Video)

They actually aren’t!  It is actually completely legal to transfer your own games to a computer (called dumping) as long as you do not share them (which is not right!) For UPLINK we are dumping our own games ourselves, and we are even placing the cartridge on top of the system running the game just to be extra sure we are on the straight and narrow!

All you need is a compatible web browser!  Just click the game you would like to play and it will load right in your browser.  You click into the window and use your mouse and keyboard to control.  All of our PC offerings are either shareware or abandonware.

Pre registration can be found in the Uplink portal, which you can access after you purchase your ticket.

For Board Games you will need a free Board Game Arena account.

Pre registration can be found in the Uplink portal, which you can access after you purchase your ticket.

Click here to get to the dedicated High Score Challenge Page for a list of events, times, and prizes!

To participate in High Score Challenge, you will need to have Parsec installed and setup on your computer. Please click here for a detailed setup guide

You will need to join the Uplink Discord and join the #highscorechallenge channel to participate. This is where score reporting,  the queue system, and day of support will be managed from.

If you don’t already have a Discord account, you can find instructions on how to create one by clicking here!

You need to register for an account at MTGMELEE.com.  You also need to pre register for the tournament (link can be found on the Pre-Registration page. 

Once registered you also need to link your Discord account to your MTGMELEE profile.  To do so – 

1.Sign in to your account. At the top-right of the page, click your profile image, and select “Settings.”
 2. On the settings page, go to the 3rd tab labeled “Third-party Apps.”
3. Click the green button that says “Authorized Discord,” then follow the prompts from Discord to complete the process.


All Guest Speakers & Panels can be found on the Accelevents portion of Uplink and can be accessed at https://www.accelevents.com/e/uplink

UPLINK Beats is the musical performance section of the show.  

UPLINK TV is a series of videos made specifically for UPLINK by the LIRetro team documenting and discussing the history of console video game systems. These videos are organized by generation.

Currently, UPLINK 2020 will be a one-time only experience, meant to be attended live.  However some content may be recorded for possible later viewings.

All panels will be live.  

There will be two options for sharing during sessions, located to the right of the video window. The “Chat” option is for general conversations. The “Q&A” option is to direct questions to one or more of the panel participants. Please note that questions will be screened, and not all questions included in the discussion.

Yes. We will be running multiple panels, tournaments, and events concurrently on both days, so plan your attendance accordingly.  Please see our event/panel schedule for the full breakdown to help plan out both days.

That will be a bit wild but yes, it’s possible to use a second screen to supplement your primary screen by using a second device and logging on to UPLINK with your credentials.


Just the hit the “Expo Hall” button on the left of the Accelevents portion of UPLINK and from there you can enter any vendor’s booth!  You will be able to chat directly with them, view their livestream (if they have one) and browse information about their products.

You can register for the Cosplay Contest on the UPLINK portal, which you can access after purchasing your ticket.  For contest rules please see the Cosplay Contest page.

Pre registration can be found in the Uplink portal, which you can access after you purchase your ticket.

Still have a question?

Just email us at info@liretro.com!



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