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What’s a convention without cool stuff to buy?  Browse a variety of interactive vendor booths selling all the retro gaming and other neat stuff you need and don’t know you need (yet).  Chat up the booth vendors, ask questions, and have fun!

Cosplay Showcase

We at UPLINK know how difficult the past few months have been without our usual methods of expressing our shared passion for gaming at conventions and events. And we know there’s nothing like weaving through aisles of consoles and merch only to spot someone cosplaying from a game you thought everyone had forgotten about. It’s the best!

That is why we’re putting together our Cosplay Showcase to bring those good vibes back to us, even if only digitally. We want to see your video game cosplays! Is it a rare retro game character from years past? An older cosplay of yours that you’d like to dust off? A brand new cosplay from a current game that you hoped to debut in 2020?

Whatever the case, send us a few photos of your video game-themed cosplay so we can include it in our gaming showcase. Try to include different sides or angles of it so we can see your cosplay at its full potential like we would in person. We know it’s not the same as attending an in-person cosplay event, but we hope this motivates and inspires you from home.  Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!




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Twitter Highlights

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