All Uplink’s tournaments are played via software called Parsec on your PC – you do not have to own any of these games!   More details can be found on our FAQ page. 
Tournament pre-registration is now open and can be found at the link in the above site menu.  You must have an Uplink ticket to participate.  All entries are free and all tournaments will have prizes awarded to the winners.  See further down this page for information regarding prep and communication for the day of the tournaments. 

UPLINK 2021 Tournaments

Capcom vs SNK 2

Super Mario Strikers)

Shaq Fu

NBA Jam T.E.

Street Fighter Alpha 2


  • Capcom vs SNK 2 – Blanka POP! Figure
  • Super Mario Strikers – Super Mario Bros Retro Fleece Throw Blanket
  • Shaq Fu – NBA Legends Shaquille O’Neal Magic Home Jersey POP! Figure
  • NBA Jam – NBA Legends Larry Bird Celtics Home Jersey POP! Figure
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2– Dan POP! Figure

General Rules:

Things you will need:

  • An account on
  • Be pre-registered for the tournament you wish to play in (via the Pre-reg link at the site menu on the top of this page)
  • Be on the UPLINK Discord (which can be accessed after you purchase your ticket).

All Games will be played using the program: Parsec, which you will need to have an account for.  A setup guide for Parsec can be found on our FAQ page.



  • You must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States of America to participate.
  • Must check in on in order to play your match online.
  • Username must be appropriate. You are not eligible to win if your gamertag or username is deemed
    inappropriate by tournament administrators or organizers
  • If you sign-up for a different tournament while attending UPLINK you will be Disqualified (This is to ensure a smooth timeframe).
  • Players must notify Tournament Organizers about low connection matches in order for TO’s to conduct a connection test. 


Each Game will follow the standard format below – 


·        Each Tournament will have a cap of 32 entrants

·        First to Two wins until “Finals” where it will be First to Three wins

·        Players are allowed to change characters upon losing the first game

·        No additional modifications or costumes are allowed to be used, please use base outfits per-game 

·        If your controller desyncs during match, you will lose the round (players may dispute this with Tournament

·        All games will be played on the default settings, unless otherwise specified, below.

·        All macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed.

·        Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire, modifiers, macros, or other hardware
assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.

·        Any player using “Random Select” to pick their character, must “Random Select”
again if they win the match, provided that there is no way to pick a certain character in the random box.


If there are any additional questions, please contact any Tournament Organizer throughout the



  1. At the start of the tournament go to your dashboard
  2. Click on View Matches
  3. In the match window under Tasks, click check in
  4. Wait for your opponent to check in
  5. Use the Chat tab in that window to coordinate connecting with your opponent
  6. Report and confirm your scores using the Tasks tab
  7. If you have any issues, click the Request a Moderator button at the bottom of the match window



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